• LaLiga Golazos' key campaigns and drops for the remainder of the season (through June) include collaborations with a world-class forward, 2-3 LaLiga clubs, content featuring the best action from the second half of the season, and Master Challenges that will bring the debut of two GOATs and iconic moments from LaLiga history.
  • We consider Challenges to be a core part of the platform's gamification and will continue launching multiple challenges at different difficulty levels regularly, with future potential for challenges related to player performance, while not getting into Fantasy territory.
  • We will be rolling out a feature that verifies collections against Challenge requirements, reducing the time and mistakes when completing Challenges, this is expected to roll out next week!
  • We are aiming to grow our user base in a structured and orderly way to benefit the community, Dapper, and LaLiga, with a focus on untapped potential among LaLiga and football fans worldwide. We have doubled our registered user base since January and plan to continue bringing in new collectors through word of mouth, LaLiga and Club collaborations, big name players and legends, influencers, and emphasizing accessible campaigns without diluting scarcity for existing collectors.


Do you have a roadmap available for LaLiga Golazos that can be shared publicly?

We are excited to share an overview of our key campaigns and content through the end of the season (end of June). We will be disclosing more details about each of the milestones below as they become available:

  • In April, we will unveil an exciting collaboration with a top player in LaLiga, a world-class forward. Both new and existing collectors will be able to participate at various levels, with an emphasis on collecting some of the best players in LaLiga history, and coinciding with one of our best drops yet!
  • Through April and May, you will see us partner with 2-3 LaLiga specific Clubs and fanbases. These are geared specifically at introducing Club members (season ticket holders or general members) to LaLiga Golazos. There will not be a drop associated with these campaigns, but we will continue to have the starter pack offering for new collectors looking to experience the excitement of LaLiga Golazos. 
  • During May and June, we will conclude the 2022-23 season by dropping content encompassing some of the best action from the second half of the seaon. We will share more details on this plan in our next community update. 
  • Lastly, also during May and June, the highly anticipated debut of two GOATs and some of the most iconic Moments from LaLiga history come to the platform through a variety of ways including a set of Master Challenges that will require many of the best Moments released on the platform to date. More details to come on these Challenges at a later date.

What are your plans for the next drops? How are you thinking about balancing quality and quantity of moments?

Please see the roadmap above for what to expect over the next few months. Regarding the number of moments in the upcoming drops, we are not able to disclose specifics yet but it will be smaller and more targeted than in the past. 

Drops are an opportunity for us to bring new collectors to the platform through new content and free redemption features. This is also positive for existing collectors to bring balanced growth and liquidity. We have made sure we manage scarcity in different ways: whether it was reducing drop frequency or adjusting edition sizes. We will continue to strike a balance. 

What are the plans for LaLiga Golazos during the off-season starting in June?

The roadmap outlined above will take us roughly through the end of june, and the new season starts in mid-august. So it is a short off-season. We are not ready to share a full plan yet, but we currently foresee a very special historic drop and continuing a regular cadence of challenges during this period.

What are the thoughts on utilizing moments of teams in the Segunda Division?

This is not currently in our plans but we are open to it in the future. Recently we have seen some amazing goals scored in Segunda, so we will continue to monitor. Separately, we have issued historic moments from teams who are no longer in the first division (e.g., Deportivo, Malaga) and will continue to do so if they thematically fit in our sets. 

How important to the Team is it to connect LaLiga to other leagues in the future?

We have explored and continue to explore ways to improve the value proposition to collectors across our products. Our agreements with leagues and intellectual property partners typically concern stand-alone builds, but if the opportunity presents itself to integrate other leagues and competitions in a value additive way for collectors, we would consider it. 

Is the Team seeking licensing opportunities to go further back in the LaLiga historical timeline? 

We have an excess in the amount of exciting content that we have on the platform, and we have barely scratched the surface of it. So we are focusing on commemorating those Moments, and also the live season.

We will selectively look into opportunities to round up our Moment selection, but we have to be aware of two constraints: first, the quality of video when you go far back in time is not good. Second, intellectual property rights were not centralized in the past, which makes licensing very complicated. Sometimes, the rights to a specific play may belong to a club, or even a broadcaster which no longer exists. 


How does the team view gamification on the platform?

We see Challenges as a core part of the Golazos experience and our main form of gamification. We have multiple challenges at different levels of difficulty launching regularly, and we are prioritizing improvements to our challenge page such as the verification feature launching next week. In the future, some of those challenges could be related to player performance (without getting into fantasy, which is a different category altogether and requires a different set of intellectual property rights).

Can we get a Challenge builder as a high priority?

Yes, thanks for your patience and feedback. We have prioritized a feature that verifies a collection against the requirements of a Challenge. This should dramatically reduce the time required to complete Challenges, and reduce the number of potential mistakes when completing a Challenge. We are excited to announce that this improvement is expected to roll out next week!

Any plans for crafting challenges?

This is not at the top of our priority list currently, but it is something that we are evaluating for the future. We do want to re-emphasize our commitment to keep our collectibles scarce, as you can see from our past revision of edition sizes, and our commitment to burning unsold packs.

How long until we can expect indicators of the Moments we own on the marketplace?

This is not something that is at the top of our priority list right now. But since the new challenge building tool will help verify when collectors have successfully completed a challenge, we will be addressing one of the most important use cases for a feature like this. 

Are badges (i.e. debuts) coming to moments?

Badges are not a short-term priority. That said, we like the idea of badges and we will continue considering bringing them to our platform in the future, once we have executed on more pressing items. 

How large is the incentive to partner with OTM and help them gamify the product and add analytics?

Our Flow and Ecosystems partnership team is currently conducting a review of developers and partners to add functionality to LaLiga Golazos, and we are also having active conversations with LaLiga. Gamification and Analytics are core use cases we are interested in. We can’t guarantee a timeline or specific solutions, but it’s in the works. 

We’re also working with partners in space such as Evaluate, which launched a trading / gifting support for LaLiga Golazos Moments just last week. Giving Moment owners more utility and use cases for their digital collectibles. We hope to bring more of these tools to our fans in the future.


How will you value people who collect and complete series, tiers, rarities, etc? Is there a plan to incentivize collecting?

We are evaluating ways to incentivize collectors, and improve the collecting experience as a whole. Our aim is to be the best football collecting experience inclusive of physical and digital products. In future campaigns, launching this season, you will see new features that make it more clear on what you should be collecting next, but also highly desirable rewards for community members who have been collecting Moments since the launch of LaLiga Golazos.

In our next community update we will share more about our Master Challenges, and rewards for collecting Moments across (Tiers, Clubs, Sets, etc.)

Are there any long-short term plans to incentivize purchases in the marketplace in addition to the challenges? Any net spend-based cash back, rewards or similar. Will there be more benefits for early adopters?

We have done this in the past. For example, we ran a campaign during the World Cup that rewarded marketplace spend with Dapper balance, and we also provided discounts on Kings of The World packs to early adopters who purchased Eterno Rival and/or World Stars.  In the short term, we do not have a plan to repeat these types of incentives as such, but our focus and commitment to reward early adopters is clear and will be visible in future campaigns (e.g., with the introduction of Messi and Ronaldo). We will continue to listen to and pay close attention to early adopter needs.

What is your short and long-term strategy and/or sense of urgency for acquisition of new collectors? 

We want to grow the user base. Doing so in a structured and orderly fashion will be beneficial for existing community members, for Dapper, and for LaLiga. There are hundreds of millions of LaLiga fans around the world, and billions of football fans, and the football market is growing, especially in key geographies like the US. While not all football fans may become collectors, we know we have a large untapped opportunity. 

We launched LaLiga Golazos at the end of October 2022, very close to LaLiga taking a break and leading up to the World Cup. During the World Cup, since the product was new, we took a deliberate approach to appeal to existing collectors with scarce limited-edition content featuring LaLiga Legends and Icons. Once the LaLiga season resumed in January, we strived to keep value for early adopters while gradually making the platform more appealing to new collectors. We introduced in-season content, we adjusted pack prices, introduced starter packs and easier challenges, and also have made inroads with limited time free to claim Moments (ex. Xavi and Casillas ElClasico fandom Moments). While we have a lot of untapped potential, we have more than doubled our registered user base since January. We want to continue this trajectory: bringing more collectors (like you!) to Golazos.

Growing the core (existing collectors) means we need to maintain our commitment to scarcity, use word of mouth (thanks to the many of you who are bringing friends to our community), and be very thoughtful about the content we bring into the platform (both moments and challenges). We are constantly listening to your feedback and applying it week by week.

To bring new collectors who are not experienced collectors, we are continuing to work with LaLiga (through its social, pitchside advertising, email outreach), its Clubs (see above for the club-driven campaigns we are planning in April and May), big name players and legends (Xavi, Casillas, more to come) and influencers (like Fabrizio Romano). We will continue emphasizing the free components of our campaigns, to ensure they are accessible to new collectors. Last but most importantly, we will work on improving our product experience so all prospective fans will be able to experience how amazing LaLiga Golazos is (e.g., pack opening, starter challenges) as frictionless as possible.

How are newer collectors going to be incentivized to capture those early Legendary debut moments and also going forward obtaining Legendary moments (that are currently too difficult to obtain via challenges) without a massive dilution through pack drops?

Our team’s priority is focused on creating a healthy and balanced economy. The Legendary tier includes the best Moments from the best players, and provides the most utility. This utility is inclusive of being used in challenges to unlock great Moments, and in some cases in-real-life rewards. Additionally, this tier features top Moments from the all-time greats like Ronaldo Nazario, Lewandowski, Zidane, Iniesta, Forlan… to young, up and coming future stars like Valverde, Kubo, Pedri and Riquelme. For newer collectors, we anticipate slowly but surely that more collectors will want to pursue top prospects’ best Moments alongside the scarcest collectibles from the some of the best players to ever grace the pitch.

How do you view your revenue model? Is the primary / only expected source of revenue through pack sales? Are there other substantial revenue opportunities being explored?

First and foremost, we are committed to continue driving value for the existing community and growing our user base. We want to bring the thrill of LaLiga Golazos to existing and new fans around the world. When it comes to revenue, we generate revenue both through pack sales and the marketplace, and this helps generate value for our intellectual property partners. We are always paying attention to new revenue generating opportunities as long as they are additive to our community, and we will communicate in the future if there are any changes to our revenue model.