Hola LaLiga Golazos Community,

We want to take a moment to share some updates regarding the future of LaLiga Golazos.

We appreciate the enthusiasm and patience you’ve given us over the last few months. Today we’re ready to share that Dapper Labs and LaLiga have made the difficult decision to adjust our focus this season. As a result, we will pause the introduction of new Moments and Challenges for LaLiga Golazos for the foreseeable future.

LaLiga Golazos will continue to be your destination for officially licensed LaLiga Digital Collectibles. Our Marketplace will stay fully operational, and your current LaLiga Golazos Moments will remain cherished collectibles on LaLigaGolazos.com, and although we won't be rolling out new Moments or Challenges in the near future, your collections are here to stay.

We have multiple seasons ahead of us in our LaLiga relationship, and we remain on strong terms. We have aligned with LaLiga that for now it makes sense to take a pause on new collectibles for LaLiga Golazos.

Dapper Labs remains committed as ever to providing the best digital collectibles experience for our customers around the world. For this season, that means increased focus on NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY as our team is lean, hungry, and ready for a great year ahead.

We appreciate the trust and support you've shown us.

As we move forward, our Dapper Labs Support team will be here to assist all LaLiga Golazos collectors.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey.

Warm regards,

The LaLiga Golazos Team