A new Best of LLG 22/23 challenge is here! This time we're looking at the season's best assists. However, we need our community of loyal fans to set this goal up for us: by voting for their favorite assist on Twitter (HERE). Three names, three unique actions that dished out the perfect assist to put their teammates through on goal for ultimate glory. Which assist will you be picking?

Sergio Canales (Real Betis vs Real Valladolid):

One of the stars of LaLiga, one of its true magicians. Sergio Canales brought out his wand with a dream inside pass from the halfway line that split through two defensive lines and left his teammate Juanmi in on goal. You can watch it a million times and it gets better every single time! The number 10 on his back says it all... he is the creative artist of this team!

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Fernando (Real Valladolid vs Sevilla FC):

E aí, Fernando? Joga bonito! This acrobatic assist is brought to you directly from the streets of Brazil. The former Porto and Manchester City player pulled out his Carioca beach manual and had the audacity to attempt a mid-air back-heel pass to his teammate Corona, leaving the Mexican winger in front of the opposing goalkeeper. One of THE highlights of the season. Now, does Fernando deserve his LaLiga Golazos Moment?

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Pablo Barrios (Atlético de Madrid vs Sevilla FC):

One of the new and refreshing faces of the season. Pablo Barrios earned Simeone's trust through his hard work and performances and presented the Atlético fans with some memorable moments this season. The pinnacle was this first-touch assist to Yannick Carrasco in the match against Sevilla. When everyone was expecting a shot from the Spanish midfielder, his spidey senses were telling him that Carrasco was making a run to the far post for the easy finish. Eyes on the back of his head, this boy!

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