The best players from LaLiga will soon be competing at the World’s biggest stage. LaLiga has both active World Stars and a rich legacy of players from all around the globe who have succeeded at an international level with legendary performances. We could not pass up this opportunity to do something special. 

Today, we are giving you a preview and timeline for our upcoming Challenges, with more to be disclosed as the action kicks off. 

What you need to know:

  • Challenges put your collection of Moments to the test! A challenge asks you to use a number of predefined Moments (owned by you) that fit into the theme of the challenge. If you fulfill the requirements there will be rewards waiting for you.
  • Our next three Drops will feature LaLiga players and legends who have shaped and dominated past international competitions.
  • Challenges will all involve the use of LaLiga Golazos Moments. Your chances of completing and winning challenges increases the more Moments you own. 
  • We will open the Marketplace on November 28th, so you can start working on the challenges.
  • Challenges will be based on the nationalities for players in LaLiga Golazos, based on their advancement in the international competition. We will have 5 challenges through the end of December (see dates below). 
  • Challenges are tiered, meaning there is more than one way of getting rewarded, based on multiple levels of engagement and spend. Everyone will have a chance to participate and choose how much skin to put in the game. 
  • Challenges are connected, meaning the content from one challenge is still relevant in the next challenge. You will be able to play alongside your LaLiga Golazos players, with increasing stakes, just like if you were on the pitch!
  • Rewards will be Moments, commensurate with the level of difficulty of each tier.
  • Rules and rewards for each Challenge will be published very soon!

Key dates

  • November 17th: World Stars Drop day 
  • November 28th: Marketplace opens
  • Challenge #1 - December 3rd to December 6th
  • Challenge #2 - December 7th to December 10th
  • December 8th: Drop day
  • Challenge #3 - December 11th to December 14th
  • Challenge #4 - December 15th to December 18th
  • Challenge #5 - December 21st 
  • December 22nd: Drop day