What is Closed Beta?

LaLiga Golazos Closed Beta is the product's exclusive testing environment. The first Drops will be accessible by invitation only, reserved for the biggest LaLiga fans. Only those in Closed Beta will have the opportunity to purchase Pack Drops. 

During LaLiga Golazos Closed Beta, collectors will be able to:

  1. Participate in the LaLiga Golazos Pack Drops
  2. Unlock exclusive rewards and money-can’t-buy experiences
  3. Start building their LaLiga Golazos collection

Why should I join LaLiga Golazos Closed Beta?

LaLiga Golazos Closed Beta will be the first opportunity you’ll have to own and collect digital collectibles of the greatest, most iconic and heart-stopping Moments in LaLiga history. 

Only a limited number of people will be given access to Closed Beta and they will have access to purchase first edition LaLiga Golazos Moments before the product opens to the general public.

Looking to be one of the first to own LaLiga Golazos first edition Moments featuring some of your favorite LaLiga players? Adding your name to the Closed Beta waitlist is your opportunity to do so. 

How can I join LaLiga Golazos Closed Beta?

Access to Closed Beta will be limited to a small cohort including the biggest LaLiga fans and select Collectors. 

You can add your name to the Closed Beta waitlist by clicking on the “Join the Beta” button on LaLigaGolazos.com or clicking here.

By adding your name to the waitlist you are letting us know you want to be one of the lucky fans invited to Closed Beta when it opens.

In order to add your name to the Closed Beta waitlist, you will need to create a Dapper account. With Dapper, you can use your credit card to buy and sell Moments from LaLiga Golazos in one easy location.

If you already have a Dapper account, you will need to sign in to add your name to the Closed Beta waitlist. 

How will I know if I’m in the Closed Beta? 

Once you have been granted access to the Closed Beta, you will be notified a couple of ways: 

  1. A notification will be sent to the email associated with your Dapper account confirming your access
  2. You will be able join the drop via the Packs page on LaLigaGolazos.com

We’ll be admitting aspiring collectors to LaLiga Golazos Closed Beta in waves, and will notify you if/when you are admitted. If you are not admitted to Closed Beta for our first Drop on October 27, don't worry! You can still be selected to join future drops.