On October 27 we finished our first ever Premium Drop of LaLiga Golazos Moments. It was an incredible experience seeing all of the iconic Golazos pulled by those of you who grabbed a Pack. From Legendary Moments from Neymar and Luka Modric’s biggest highlights to Rare Moments featuring Zlatan Ibrahimović, Diego Costa, Kaká, Dani Alves, Kun Agüero and many more

On Drop day we announced that we would burn the unsold supply of Eterno Rival. This was an important decision for us and one that we did not take lightly. We have said from day one that one of our main priorities is protecting scarcity and we believe our actions evidence our conviction. In addition, we’re committed to reviewing your feedback as it is integral to this product’s long term success. To that effect, your feedback was critical in determining the decisions outlined in this blog. By burning the unsold inventory, fewer of each Moment, including the ones you were lucky enough to get, exists in circulation.

We have also been very transparent with you, our Community, that we are building slowly and deliberately for the long-term. We think the path we took in burning these Moments reflects our commitment to the sustainability of the Collectibles.

For those of you who were not able to buy Eterno Rival, we hear you. Rest assured that more of you will soon be invited to future Drops. There will be incredible opportunities for you to own and collect first-edition Moments from some of the biggest Stars playing in the World stage, very soon…

Here is everything you need to know about remaining Premium Packs that were burned:
- Number of Packs burned: 756

- Number of Moments burned: 2268

- #1 serials burned: Neymar JR (L)

- Jersey number serials: 

  • Diego Costa (R)
  • Muniain (R)
  • Neymar JR (L)
  • Guedes (R)
  • Renato (R

Full List of Moments Burned: