Hola, LaLiga Golazos community!

This blog is a quick guide to help you understand and navigate the queue.


In the hours leading up to the Drop, we will announce that it’s happening via email, Discord and social media. 
As we get close to Drop time, please visit laligagolazos.com where you’ll be able to access the Pack by selecting the “Drops” page at the top of the homepage.
Once the Drop time has arrived, collectors should refresh their screens and click the button to “Join the Waiting Room” and enter a waiting room.


Once you join the Drop, you’ll be added to a waiting room with all of the other collectors. Wait time lasts for 1 hour, starting exactly 1 hour before Drop time. You will be able to see how long until the queue starts.


After the waiting room access has closed, you’ll be taken to the queue. The system will randomly assign each collector in the waiting room a place in the queue. Your place in the queue will largely determine whether you’ll be able to purchase a pack or not.