In this post we’ll explain the basics of the LaLiga Golazos Challenges and why we think you should participate!

If you want to participate in our first Challenge, “World Challenge #1”, head to our Challenges page to read more about the rules and rewards!

What are Challenges and why should I participate? 

Challenges are a fun way for LaLiga Golazos collectors like yourself to participate for the chance to win incredible prizes. 

There will be many opportunities to participate in Challenges throughout the year all with varying degrees of difficulty and corresponding prizes. 

How do Challenges generally work?

All Challenges will be different, but broadly speaking Challenges are relatively straightforward to understand:

  • Challenges will ask you to collect certain Moments that are in circulation. You may already have some or all of the required Moments in your collection. If you don’t have the Moments in your collection, you can head to the LaLiga Golazos Marketplace to purchase the Moments that you think will help you win the Challenge.
  • You have to hold the Moments required to win for a certain amount of time. Hold times will be determined in each Challenge. End dates for all Challenges are announced when the Challenge goes live.
  • If you fulfill the Challenge requirements once the Challenge ends, you will be rewarded based on your performance in the Challenge. Rewards vary from Challenge to Challenge. Some may reward you with Moments. Other with Packs. Some may even include “in-real-life” experiences, autographed jerseys, game balls, and much more. Rewards for each Challenge will be announced when the Challenge goes live along with ways that rewards will be fulfilled to all winners.

When are Challenges announced?

Challenges will be announced throughout the year. Some may run concurrently. All will have particular sets of rules, dates and rewards. All upcoming Challenges will be announced on Discord, social media, over email and will be posted on our Challenges page prior to them going live.