What are Fandom Moments? 

Today we are excited to present a new Tier of Moments. The Fandom tier was created to bring everyone the opportunity to start their own Digital Collection of the most incredible Moments in LaLiga, for free. These Moments will have an undefined mint count, and will vary from campaign to campaign.

Where can I find a Fandom Moment? 

As of now, Fandom Moments will be used for special promotional campaigns, like the Free ElClásico Pack including an exclusive Fandom Moment of each of Xavi and Casillas

How are they going to be delivered?

Fandom Moments in this campaign will be delivered in Fandom Packs, which will be placed in ‘My Collection’, just the same as other Packs. 

Can the Fandom Moments be sold in the Marketplace and used for Challenges?

Fandom Moments will be treated equally: Users can list, buy and sell them in the Marketplace, and can be requested to complete Challenges, same as the other Moments in LaLiga Golazos. 

What does a Fandom Moment look like?