Luke: Last Friday, you guys dropped a pretty big update. Do you want to maybe just for anyone who's listening that hasn't seen it or maybe saw it and then forgot because I had a big weekend. Do you want to maybe go over the highlights of the update? And so anything key that you want to make it with the people?

Jorge: Yeah. Those are very important updates. So the starting point. You know, before we make any changes that we're getting started as a product, we have our first Drop at the end of October, so we're about a month and a half old as a product, which is I mean, for me, it feels like ten years. it's very very early. And I just want to make sure everyone sort of understands that where we are, you know, and throughout that month and a half, we've had two Drops. And then we opened the Marketplace on November 29th. So the Marketplace has been up for roughly two weeks, and we've been running our first Challenge or our first set of Challenges throughout the World Cup, which started in November 18th. So basically, you know, we have now again about a month and a half of live. We have two Drops, a few weeks of Marketplace, a few weeks of Challenges. And then we also have the feedback channel here in the Discord, we pay a lot of attention to it… And we felt like we had enough data to start making adjustments. We really had two priorities in mind and one was really. You know. Keeping the early adopters who bought the first two Drops, keeping them engaged. Reward them. Put more content on their hands. That was one priority. The other priority is when you look at the number of registered users that we have on the product and then the people who had actually purchased the Pack, there was a gap there. And so we wanted to make sure that we gave people who had been interested in the product but had not purchased a package, had an opportunity to participate, an opportunity to buy one, to come to the Marketplace and to experience. A lot of the changes that we've made are changes in that direction. So, for example, to reward early adopters, the first thing that we did was we airdropped moments to, you know, to people who had purchased Eterno Rival or World Stars. Some of those Moments are really good. And then finally, in our next Drop, early adopters are going to get 15 to 20% in Dapper Balance, depending on the Packs they bought. those are ways to say, you know, thank you for your early support and to, you know, to make sure that we keep growing from this core of the community that was so supportive for us when we launch. And then in terms of the second group bringing new users, we're also giving a Dapper Balance when they purchase a Pack. Hopefully, this is an opportunity for them to try the Marketplace once they have the Pack. And then we put together a Marketplace incentive. So for every $10 purchase through December in the Marketplace, you know, there will be an entry in a in a in a raffle or a sweepstakes for a signed jersey.

Luke: What about the content that we're going to see within this Drop when it comes to Kings of the World, what sort of Moment should people be looking forward?

Jorge: I'm glad that you have this, because. I mean, to me, the name Kings of the World is really appropriate for for this job. I honestly think that this is the best football Drop ever assembled and arguably every major player in the past 20 years, a group of incredible legends. There's 20 world champions in this group out of 40 players. Ronaldo the Phenomenom, who I mean growing up was the best player in the world, obviously, maybe a lot of people think he was the best number nine of all time. We have Thierry Henry, another absolute legend both in the Premier League and in La Liga with FC Barcelona, We have him as a James Rodriguez, as a Legendary who played for Real Madrid CF and had a very memorable World Cup as well in Brazil 2014. And then we have my idol or one of my idols growing up, the man who is also remembered for winning the Golden Boot at the World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. He was three times the top scorer. He was an incredible player and he's also a supporter of La Liga Golazos. And then when you go to the Rare, again, it's an incredible set of players. Let me say one for now and pause for a second. Ronaldinho… Ronaldinho is. I don't know. He's up there. You know, when you talk about all the names, the biggest players ever, this is a guy who, you know, is fondly remembered, admired by many other players, like one of a kind in terms of his skills with the ball. There's the great Luis Suarez, also known and maybe not remembered in the best light for his World Cup performances, but just like one of the best forwards in the past decade for sure. There's people who we've worked with LaLiga Golazos, like Xavi Hernández, the current FC Barcelona coach, Puyol, who has worked with us in the past as well. And then we have another Modrić, we have Iker Casillas, we have Toni Cross, we have the last defender to win the Ballon d'Or. This is, I think, 17 years ago. His name is Fabio Cannavaro. So, you know, I think that stepping back for a second, the type of content that we've put out so far in the short life of our product is just unmatched. And so hopefully that's something that's compelling for early adopters and for people who are in early, like you're getting your hands on Moments, you know, from just the top, top, top, top players out there.

Luke: Why the change in pricing and why this new approach, you know, having to open for three weeks and stuff like that

Jorge: We really looked at the data that we have from the first two Drops and the data from the Marketplace. So we acknowledge that and we definitely acknowledge the feedback that the community voiced around that. how can we make this more accessible? And again, the Marketplace has been open for two weeks. So it's not a lot of data, but we have some data right now. So we're creating basically the new Premium and Standard Packs. And so Kings of the world will have 3000 Standard Pack at $29.99. So, you know, it's much more accessible than the prior Standard Pack. And 2000 Premium Packs at $149.99. So again, this is more accessible than the previews than the previous Premium Packs we had. So hopefully, you know, this is, as I mentioned, more accessible to people. Hopefully, this brings a lot of the people who've registered but have not purchased yet. We were planning on having two Drops this month. And we were only having this one. And so, you know, we're kind of trying to adjust this, apply it to what we're seeing and what we're hearing from the community and we're excited or moderately excited about the changes so far. The last bit is we will keep this open for three weeks, and we hope that that will also help. You know, many people access more packs, come back, tell their friends, tell their loved ones. And, you know, it will just make it easier if you're someone totally new to the product and you're interested.

Luke: What do you do to remain in Packs, if there are any? And will you be putting them or will there be some of a distribution method? And then generally as well, what about the the sort of reserve Packs?

Jorge: Let's talk about Burning and the reserve Packs. We've Burned and sold inventory in our first two Drops except for, you know, for the reserve. Right. And the reason why we've done that is we think Scarcity is important. We want to make sure we, you know, honor those who actually buy a Pack and participate in the Drops by limiting supply. There's always a reserve of Packs, and we save that reserve for two reasons. The number one reason is marketing and promotional use. For example, as a reward. Recent number two is farther down the line. There may be new users to this product. Let's say two years from now who may have or may want to have a chance of getting one of these very special Packs that we've given early adopters. Let me be clear on this, we are not going to do this until at least season three of the product. And so this is something that was communicated in our last communication. Again, We will not put any Pack from the first three Drops for sale until season three at least.

Luke: When Ronaldo and When Messi?

Jorge: We will have Messi and Ronaldo. We will have Messi and Ronaldo This season. We want to make it special. And we want to you know, make sure that we honor what they represent as players for the world and the sport of football and how we bring them to the platform. And so we're working on that once we have. You know, the ability to share more details. We will, but we're bringing Messi and Ronaldo. We're not holding them forever and we're bringing them at some point this season. We're talking about arguably the greatest players of all time, some of the greatest players of all time. And if you stay tuned, you'll see that we will not disappoint. But hey, if you like football. I think you'll love the content that we've already released or that we're releasing. Other than Messi and Ronaldo. Literally every Ballon d'Or in the past 17 years is on the product already.

Luke: How are you thinking about growing that userbase?

Jorge: That's a great question. I mean, I think growing the community is about, you know, making sure that we are putting the content and the product out there that that the current community likes and enjoys. in terms of marketing we have a lot of ideas and you know, we have been working and will work more with, you know, either media partners, players, the league and others that can help us educate football fans on what LaLiga Golazos is and NFTs in general. I think what we have today is special when you look at Spain, you know, there's a strong community of early adopters there. And we have many of them in our Discord. I often, you know, go in and read what they're saying. And we want to have more of those. We want to educate more people. We want to turn more, you know, regular football fans into collectors. And so to do that, you know, one thing we can do is to work with players. And we're starting to do that. You've seen the content we've been doing with Xavi Henrández, the FC Barcelona coach. Worked with Puyol, Roberto Carlos, Ter Stegen, Ansu Fati, Diego Forlan, Luka Modrić. There's more to come on this front. We're also working with clubs. We'll create content and try to use the club to get to their fans as well. And so you'll see more of that in 2023. You've seen that we've been working with LaLiga and they've been supporting us in social media in the official LaLiga accounts. And you'll see more of that going forward. We'll be working in Spain specifically, you know, with some of the major football related sites and kind of like, you know, news organizations that cover the sport so we can educate people on our content. We're working with influencers as well. So Fabrizio Romano has been supporting us there. There's more to come on that front. We have an in-stadium advertising that, you know, it's on the pitch and it's also visible in the broadcast in a number of countries, including the US. And we're open to, to other ideas as well. I mean, ultimately I'd love, you know, I'd love for the community to help us on this effort

Luke: What are some final thoughts you have towards LaLiga Golazos and why are you so passionate and why are you so excited about it and where it can be in the future?

Jorge: First I want to thank everybody for your support so far. And, you know, I I think everybody on this on this community showed up early. You guys were vocal, gave us tons of great ideas, thoughts, feedback, criticism. And we take it constructively and and we really take it at heart. And there's a lot of us for looking at it pretty frequently, that's how we build great products. I think ultimately the product will be as strong as this group of people want it to be and can make it. And so you guys should feel that you have input and that you know that you're helping us. And I think you can see by some of the changes that you are. Football is a global sport. As you can see, the biggest thing going on in the world right now is the World Cup. There's a massive opportunity in the long term for this to be kind of like the best digital collecting product out there. And the most important, it's not going to get done in a day, but the opportunity is undeniable, and this is a much bigger sport than any other sport I can think of within that. LaLiga specifically has, you know. The two, at least the two largest fan bases of a Club in the world. You know, when you think of Real Madrid CF or FC Barcelona, for example, each of those clubs has 260, 270 million followers on social. And last I checked, the Lakers had like 50. And so there's a 5 to 6 time ratio there. And I think that some of the players and some of the people we're discussing, you're talking about Messi and Ronaldo, are also way more influential than players in any other sport. So Talk about collecting sports. There's no better ingredients than what we have here. You know that that makes me really excited as well. What I will say is that to get there, to get to that vision, we have to take it step by step. In the end, you have to be constructive and understand you're going to make mistakes sometimes. And what's important is to have the willingness to pivot and make changes. And so I think what we have as a team here is a team that's willing to do that. And so I'm I'm really excited about where we are. I think we're all going to make it.