What is a Moment?

Moments are unique, limited-edition digital collectibles of the most iconic video highlights of LaLiga- past and present. Moments let you own an official piece of sports history. A Moment is a connection to your favorite players and teams, to the league, and a proof of your fandom. LaLiga Golazos Moments feature audio commentary in both Spanish and English.

LaLiga Golazos Moments will span the past and present of LaLiga: 

  1. Historic Moments featuring a mix of some of the most iconic plays and Moments from the 2005-06 season to the present 
  2. In-Season Moments featuring today’s superstars and up-and-coming wonderkids

Each Moment has a unique serial number which identifies exactly which unique Moment (out of the total number available) you specifically own.

What are Sets?

Moments on LaLiga Golazos Packs will belong to a set. Throughout the regular season, Moments will be grouped into sets based on themes or memorable celebrations. Collect all Moments in a set to complete it and enhance your collection!

What is a Pack?

LaLiga Golazos are sold in Packs that contain the best plays of LaLiga Santander. 

Similar to a Pack of collectible trading cards, a LaLiga Golazos Pack contains multiple Moments, officially licensed LaLiga digital video collectibles. Each Moment is unique and the ownership of each Moment is exclusive to the buyer. 

Packs are blind to ensure fans enjoy the fun and mystery of the unknown. Ripping Packs creates butterflies in our stomach, just like walking into the stadium on a hot Sunday afternoon. 

What kinds of Packs will be available for purchase?

LaLiga Golazos will have different types of Packs throughout the season. Aspiring collectors will be notified in advance what the Pack composition will be along with pricing, edition sizes and probability of rarity.

What is a Drop?

An opportunity to buy a Pack of Moments.  

We have designed and curated Packs that will contain a mix of Moments -- all with different rarity levels.

Imagine your heart racing as you rip a pack and pull a Rare, a Legendary or even a 1 of 1 Ultimate... With LaLiga Golazos you can own a piece of history.

Every pack opening experience will truly be one-of-a-kind.

What is the Drop size per Pack?

LaLiga Golazos will communicate Drop sizes and rarity odds before each Pack Drop.

What types of Moments and Players will be included in LaLiga Golazos’ digital collectibles? 

Each Drop will have a distinct theme, contain unique Moments and feature different LaLiga players that tell the incredible story of LaLiga – past and present. 

Behind every Moment is a lot of consideration around mint counts, rarity, and scarcity. LaLiga Golazos is built around bringing you the best and most iconic Moments in LaLiga history and our Pack composition will reflect this.

From Messi displaying his jersey after grabbing the winner at the Bernabéu and Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Calma, Calma” celebration at Camp Nou to Forlán’s stunner in Bilbao and legends like Zidane and Ronaldinho. Don’t forget current stars like João Félix, Benzema or Fekir. We have access to every player and Club.

In the days leading up to each Drop, we will clearly communicate the following information: 

  • Exact time of the Drop
  • Moments included in the Drop
  • Number of Moments
  • Pricing Information
  • Mint counts
  • Pack odds
  • Rarities

How many Moments will be in each Pack?

The number of Moments will depend on the type of Pack. LaLiga Golazos will communicate the exact number of Moments in each Pack before each Pack Drop.

What makes a specific Moment more desirable than others? 

Moments are classified by rarity level. The rarer a Moment, the more desirable. The higher the rarity of the Moment, the lower the mint count for each Moment.

What is a Tier? 

Moments on LaLiga Golazos all have rarity Tiers. Every Moment is part of a Tier which tells you how many of each Moment are available. 

We have different Tiers depending on content type, one for In Season content and another one for Historical Content

LaLiga Golazos Tiers are: 

In-Season Content: 

  • Common (10,000)
  • Uncommon (5,000)
  • Rare (750)
  • Legendary (90)

Historical Content: 

  • Uncommon (2,500)
  • Rare (375)
  • Legendary (45)
  • Ultimate (1)

Each Tier has specific guidelines for both the amount of individual Moments and the total mint count of all Moments in the Tier. The amounts listed for each Tier are maximum per Tier. We will NEVER mint more units of a Moment after the original minting.

  • Common Moments are highly accessible. They are the largest edition size. (only for in-season content) 
  • Uncommon Moments are scarcer. They can feature remarkable in-season plays, or become your entry ramp to historic content.
  • Rare Moments are even smaller edition sizes. They’re highly special and coveted.
  • Legendary Moments are elite collector level. Unforgettable Legendary plays. They are extremely scarce and coveted.
  • Ultimate Moments are…we have no words.