The Rare and Uncommon Master Challenges rewards for Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are now live! 

Collect Moments from former teammates of Messi and CR7 to earn Rare and Uncommon Rewards from each of the GOATs. 

GOATs Master Challenge Rare

El Bicho Challenge: Earn the Cristiano Ronaldo Rare Moment

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Cristiano Ronaldo, ladies and gentlemen! After leaving two defenders in the dust with a signature Ronaldo chop and a croqueta, the Portuguese superstar smashes the ball in the net with his supposedly weaker foot, in a match in which Real Madrid defeated the Catalan rivals by six goals to nil, with a hattrick by (who else?) the Madeira-born beast. To cap it off, Ronaldo then runs off to the corner while the crowd holds their breath for the inevitable SIIIIUUU! celebration.

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La Pulga Challenge: Earn the Leo Messi Rare Moment

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Leo Messi's oozes class, with yet another goal against his favorite victims in LaLiga: Sevilla FC. A goal that combines a spectacular nutmeg past the defender and a stunning finish over the goalkeeper. FC Barcelona won the match by 2-0 in a stadium that is always complicated to play at, although Barça finished that season (2012/2013) without the coveted league title. The team's great start to that campaign, at the end of 2012, would end up being key for Messi's run to surpass the absolute record of goals in a calendar year: reaching a miraculous number of 91 goals, scoring a total of 46 in that league.

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GOATs Master Challenge Uncommon

From Madeira, with Love Challenge: Earn the Cristiano Ronaldo Uncommon Moment

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“Not just a trademark free kick, but a free kick to remember!” Earn Cristiano Ronaldo’s unforgettable free kick spectacle from 2010 romping vs. Villarreal C.F.

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From Rosario, with Love Challenge: Earn the Leo Messi Uncommon Moment

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Leo Messi clears the wall to kickstart FC Barcelona’s 5-0 thrashing against Espanyol de Barcelona in 2016. Earn an officially-licensed Uncommon Moment featuring this masterful set- piece finish.

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Collect The GOATs’ Teammates To Win

Collect Uncommon and Rare Moments from former teammates of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to earn the epic Rewards in the four Master Challenges!

Leo Messi Teammates

Moments required in the Rare and Uncommon Challenges feature many of the familiar faces to play alongside Messi throughout his illustrious LaLiga career: 


The Uruguayan striker has become Leo Messi's best teammate since his arrival in 2014, becoming one of his best friends and surely the player with whom he has best understood each other on the pitch. Four Leagues in six years that they played together and in which between them they scored the amount of 478 goals for Barça. Numbers that make him one of the best couples in the history of soccer, if not the best.


The FC Barcelona star when a very young Leo Messi began to take his first steps in professional football, the relationship between the Brazilian star and the Argentine was always marked by the deep admiration they always had for each other, with Leo Messi being in charge of inheriting his dorsal 10 and the leadership of FC Barcelona to which Ronaldinho had returned to success some years before. R10's assist to Messi’s first professional goal is the best example of what Ronaldinho and Messi meant to the azulgrana club and one of the great memories that are in the retina of all soccer fans. Leo's godfather in soccer. 

Sergio Busquets

Two products of La Masia who dominated Spanish football during the more than 10 seasons they spent together in the FC Barcelona first team. Eight league titles and part, together with Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez, allowed of one of the most successful and recognized football teams in the history of the game.

And several other former teammates of Messi!

Cristiano Ronaldo Teammates

Moments required in the Rare and Uncommon Challenges feature many of the familiar faces to play alongside Ronaldo throughout his illustrious LaLiga career: 


Partners in adventure and masters of the wings of the Santiago Bernabeu attack for 5 seasons, the Welshman and Cristiano Ronaldo made Real Madrid one of the most feared teams in the world for their extreme speed, verticality and their powerful shot. Two players capable of dominating Europe on several occasions.


Along with Bale and Cristiano himself, the third leg of the famous BBC that brings back such good memories to all Madrid fans. The player capable of bringing calmness and understanding of the game from the center of a trident that roamed LaLiga and Europe's fields during the five years they coincided on the field. After Cristiano's departure, the Frenchman took the baton to lead Real Madrid and keep it in the place it deserves: at the top.


Pepe, Sergio Ramos' partner in the central defense of Real Madrid for the last decade, became, along with the captain and Cristiano Ronaldo himself, one of the leaders of a generation capable of chaining 3 consecutive Champions League titles and winning four in five years, something unprecedented and probably unrepeatable in the history of world football. In addition, both have the privilege of having won the only international title in the history of their country, Portugal, after winning the EURO 2016 in France.

And several other former teammates of Ronaldo!