ElClásico is knocking on the door! 

Celebrate the epic match coming next March 19th with exclusive rewards, including the ultimate experience in LaLiga – watching ElClásico at Camp Nou, with VIP perks! An experience any Football Fan has on their bucket list.


The Legendary Moments of the ElClásico Drop are your key to winning exclusive rewards. You can get a chance to pull a Legendary Moment through:

  1. ElClásico-branded free Fandom Pack, including exclusive Fandom Moments from Xavi and Casillas.
  2. ElClásico-branded Premium Pack, Standard Pack, and Starter Pack, including historical and in-season Moments of only Real Madrid and FC Barcelona players.

Or you can always head to the Marketplace and check if some lucky collector already listed it. 

Learn more about the rewards attached to Xavi’s Legendary Moment and Casillas’ Legendary Moment.


For the first time, we will have Packs that include both historical and in-season Moments. And also, for the first time, Packs will only feature Real Madrid and FC Barcelona Moments!

While the Common and Uncommon Moments focus on players stepping into Camp Nou on the night of March 19th, the Rare and Legendary Moments will feature legends and gems from past ElClásicos. Truly a classic Drop worthy of this massive occasion.

Check all Moments included in the Drop, Pack types and more!