On November 18 we concluded our second Drop, World Stars. It was an incredible experience to see all 1,000 Premium Packs sell out so quickly! That same day, we announced on Discord that we would be burning the remaining 1,530 Standard Packs. By burning the unsold inventory, fewer of each Moment, including the ones you were lucky enough to get, exists in circulation.

Curious to see how your Moments’ Editions were affected? 

Head to the Drop page, select the Moment you want to check the current Edition breakdown and scroll down to check the Edition Data - including the number of Moments that ended up being burned in red:

Original Edition size – number of Moments originally minted

% Burned – Moments burned so far and the correspondent % of the original Edition size

Current Edition size – maximum number of Moments that can ever be in circulation

Owned –  Moments out of Packs currently sitting in someone’s collection

For sale – Moments made available by collectors on the Marketplace

In reserves – Moments destined for future Packs and/or future promotions. Those Moments haven’t been used on a Drop yet. 

In packs – Moments in unopened Packs, either owned by collectors or reserved for Customer Support and/or future promotions

We will continue to add more information to this section in the future, including details about specific serial numbers.