Here’s all you need to know about the sets in World Stars.


Base Set - “Jugones” - Uncommon

The “Jugones” set features Uncommon Moments from LaLiga Golazos stars - current and historic. A set full of true ballers going at it toe to toe with the world’s best. Let the show begin!

Stoppers - “Not in my house” - Uncommon

When forwards come knocking at their door, what do these defenders have to say? Not in My House! This LaLiga Golazos set is reserved for those plays where the defending player makes the ultimate save right as the other team’s fans are about to celebrate. So you can count on some epic saves and last-ditch tackles from some classic LaLiga names!

Super sub - “Veni, Vidi, Vici” - Uncommon

Put me in, coach! Both manager and player feel vindicated when the key to success comes off the bench. Veni, Vidi, Vici features these Moments when a supersub grabs the reins of the game and conquers all to become the hero of the day.


Base Set - “Estrellas” - Rare

The stars are shining in LaLiga Santander! The “Estrellas” set is home to the Rare Moments of the stars in LaLiga Golazos. These are players who light up the stadiums with their performances, dazzling fans all over the world.

Team Work - “Tiki Taka” - Rare

Pass and move, pass and move, pass and move, GOOOL! For those who are passionate about possession football, we have “Tiki Taka”. This is the set where you’ll find the best displays of a team in pure synchrony, working the ball intricately between themselves to get a goal without the opposition even sniffing it.

Injury Time - “Last Gasp” - Rare

When everything is on the line and everyone is holding their breath hoping for their team to come up with something to sway the game their way… THAT’S when it feels best to get that game-saving goal! Nothing is celebrated more than a last-gasp moment just as the curtain closes. Explosions of joy, crazy crowds, and incredible celebrations - find these unique Moments in LaLiga history in our “Last Gasp” set.


Tier Agnostic sets is one in which the Moments included in it can be of any rarity.

Equipo del Mundo

From the “jogo bonito” in Brazil to “soccer” in north america; the “Garra Charrúa” of Uruguay and “el fútbol de potrero” of Argentina; the “Black Stars” of Ghana and the “Taegeuk Warriors” of South Korea. Everything that makes this magical game so popular in every corner of the world comes together in the Equipo del Mundo set - a collection of moments from modern and classic LaLiga stars who hail from all continents but Europe. 

Team Europa

The best players from the old continent play under the same crest in LaLiga Golazos’ Team Europa. From the current stars of European powerhouses like France, Germany, or Spain to the legends who have left their mark in world football in the last two decades, Team Europa is a set tailor-made for classic and modern LaLiga fans.