Hola LaLiga Golazos community, the ultimate burning update is here!

A few weeks ago we announced a decrease in all Edition Sizes moving forward, which has come into full effect with Jornadas 10-19 and now ElClásico Moments. In that update, we also shared we would be reviewing the supply that was held back during our first few Drops. 

We know you have been patiently waiting for a new update and timeline for this supply review, and we thank you for your patience. 

Today we are sharing our 4-step plan to bring those initial Moments closer to the new Edition Sizes, and fully embrace scarcity!

COMPLETED Step 1 – Burn all unsold Packs from previous Drops

As promised, we will be burning all Packs listed for sale and not sold by the end of each Drop, similar to what happened with Eterno Rival and World Stars

Here’s the breakdown of the packs to be burned:

  • King of the World (Premium) – SOLD OUT
  • King of the World (Standard) – 1,533 Packs
  • Jornadas 1-9 (Premium) – 563 Packs
  • Jornadas 1-9 (Standard) – SOLD OUT
  • Jornadas 10-19 (Premium) – 727 Packs
  • Jornadas 10-19 (Standard) – 6,600 Packs

For current and upcoming Drops we will commit to burning any unsold Packs in a more timely manner, within two weeks from the Drop ending.

This initial burn will be concluded by the end of the day today, March 8 – COMPLETED

COMPLETED Step 2 – Reset Reserved Packs

Our first Drops included some of the most memorable and exciting Moments from the last 15 years of LaLiga’s history, and we want to guarantee that Collectors joining us in the future will have a chance to experience them first-hand.

To get these earlier Moments closer to the new Edition Sizes we will have to rebalance our pool of Reserved Packs, and effectively reset the number of Packs we have in reserves.

After the reset is performed, we will have in our reserves the following Packs:

  • Eterno Rival (Premium) – 400 Packs
  • Eterno Rival (Standard) – 1,500 Packs
  • World Stars (Premium) – 1,400 Packs
  • King of the World (Premium) – 350 Packs
  • Jornadas 1-9 (Premium) – 300 Packs
  • Jornadas 1-9 (Standard) – 2,000 Packs
  • Jornadas 10-19 (Premium) – 200 Packs
  • Jornadas 10-19 (Standard) – 1,000 Packs

As Jorge mentioned during his inaugural AMA, we won’t put any of these Packs for sale until, at least, Series 3 (2024-2025). Although, some of these Packs might become available before that timeframe, through specific Promotions and Rewards (like the current ElClásico Challenges) – this allocation is limited to a maximum of 10% of each specific Pack.

COMPLETED Step 3 – Mint remaining in-season Starter Packs

Still with new Collectors in mind, we are also reserving some of the already minted in-season Moments, from both Jornadas 1-9 and Jornadas 10-19, to stuff our recently announced Starter Packs:

  • Jornadas 1-9 (Starter) – 32,000 Packs (already available)
  • Jornadas 10-19 (Starter) – 20,000 Packs

These Starter Packs will be available until the first in-season Drop of the upcoming season, with all unsold Packs to be burned at that point.

Step 4 – Burn all remaining Moments

Yes, you read it right – all remaining Moments not stuffed into Reserved or Starter Packs will be burned, bringing editions sizes closer, if not lower, to the new Edition Sizes we have announced previously!

Here are the target editions sizes, after burning is completed, for each of the Drops:

Eterno Rival

  • Uncommon – 500
  • Rare – 200
  • Legendary – 25

World Stars

  • Uncommon – 650
  • Rare – 200
  • Legendary – 25

Kings of the World

  • Uncommon – 1405 (this is the outlier as the current number of Moments in circulation vastly exceeds the new Edition Sizes)
  • Rare – 250
  • Legendary – 28

Jornadas 1-9

  • Common – 5,000
  • Uncommon – 1,500
  • Rare – 375
  • Legendary – 45

More than just Moments from previous Drops, this step also applies to Rewards minted to their full edition size, with any of them currently in reserves being equally burned – and yes, that includes all Bale Moments!

After the burning is complete everyone will be able to see all the details on the actual Edition Size for any specific Moment on its Moment Page.

Steps 2-4 will be completed by March 16 and we will be providing constant updates on Discord, as well as updating this page.

Tell us what you think!

As usual, we welcome and appreciate the community’s feedback. Let us know how you feel about the proposed plan or any questions you might have. You can reach out to us through our Support site or on Discord.

We will be updating this blog post to address any unanswered questions.